Terms & Conditions

Consent to Compilation and Usage of Data:


CLIENT understands and agrees that in the course of performing services for CLIENT, CENTROL will gather certain data pertaining to CLIENT’s soil type, field size, crop inputs and yields.  CLIENT agrees that such data may be compiled and combined with data gathered from other clients of CENTROL, and used for the business purposes of CENTROL, including but not limited to making recommendations to CLIENT and other client of CENTROL.  Such data, when compiled and combined with data gathered from other clients, will not include CLIENT’s personal data, which is, for the purpose of this paragraph defined as CLIENT’s social security number or tax ID number; property tax parcel number; mailing address; telephone number; email address; or CLIENT’s name or the business name of CLIENT’s farming operation. 

CLIENT’s personal data will not be sold or provided to another person or entity without CLIENT’s explicit consent, except as required by state or federal law.  By entering into this Agreement for Crop Consulting Services, Client consents to the compilation and usage of data as described in this paragraph and waives any claims at law or in equity against CENTROL based upon the usage of such data as described in this paragraph.