CENTROL is a crop consulting company whose sole purpose is to maximize grower profitability. We do this by working closely with the farmer and giving unbiased recommendations for the grower’s benefit. Our consultants do not sell any products, only great services. The need for sound, unbiased agronomic information has never been greater. Crop production continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Growers are under a constant barrage from new products, technologies, and techniques. Working together with a CENTROL consultant means more than hiring someone to take soil samples and scout fields. An investment in CENTROL is an investment in experience, knowledge, and crop management expertise.

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Consultants who work for CENTROL are able to use this portal to easily manage the data and reports for growers. Growers are able to log in as well to gain fast access to their data, whether they’re in the field or at the office. This portal is available on desktop, tablets, and mobile via both a website as well as mobile apps.